Thank you!

I tried to thank everyone who donated, as soon as they donated…

but I’d like to say thanks a second time for your donation to

With your help, I took in a total of $1,910, which was just enough for

  • 1,000 printed flyers
  • 100 small signs
  • 4 large signs
  • geographically targeted facebook ads

I used the signs to great advantage, placing them all over Weare and Goffstown (with a lot of help from the local Republican group, who helped place and collect signs for me). I also went out multiple times for sign-waving events, where I and other candidates stood at intersections and town centers and held signs and waved to drivers (getting a lot of thumbs up and honks back … and two middle fingers, on seperate days, from Mr and Mrs BarnLaw next door! 🙂

I also made great use of the flyers – going out weekend after weekend and knocking on doors and talking to voters (and, again, thanks to the local Republicans who coordinated and drove).

Finally, on election day itself, I stood outside the polling place in Weare for 12 hours, waving and chatting with voters.

In the end, it was worth it – I won the vote total in Weare, and in Goffstown, and thus won in the combined district. I am no a house member elect in the New Hampshire house!

I can’t tell you how important your donation was. It allowed me to win, and the New Hampshire house has never been more divided. The “red wave” turned out to be a blue trickle, and we lost a few seats. The house is now split either 201 (R) to 199 (D) or perhaps 200 to 200 – recounts are still going on.

This means that your donation helped me win … and thus your donation literally stood between a narrow Republican majority and a Democrat majority.

Your donation was the straw that – well – SAVED the camel’s back.

I’m dedicated to making the most of this.

Believe it or not, the deadline for submitting new legislation is Tuesday, three days from now. … that’s the deadline for the entire year of 2023 !

I’ve been working on legislative proposals for weeks, and spent most of the afternoon today polishing it.

I just now submitted 15 bills – that’s 4,343 words / 17 pages – to legislative services in the capitol. With their help, these will be polished into bills that will go before the House.

All of these bills are intended to reign in corrupt bureaucrats or increase personal freedom – two worthy libertarian goals.

Thanks again for your help!

Travis Corcoran
New Hampshire state rep elect, Hillsborough-44

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