Travis Corcoran for State Rep

taking a break from chainsawing

My priorities

  • small government
  • low taxes
  • ethical, responsive government

Help me win

I’m running a lean campaign with zero waste. If you can give even a few dollars to help me fight big, corrupt government, please click here!

Who I am

I am a life-long defender of small government and small budgets.

I’ve lived in Weare for going on nine years. During that time I’ve voted every election cycle for small budgets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. I served on the town finance committee where I fought every tax increase. I’ve attended annual town meetings and questioned officials on dubious figures and called them out on tricks they tried to use to slip in big spending. I’ve used FOIA / RSA 91-A requests to expose corruption, wasteful spending, and collusion.

As your next state rep for Hillsborough District 44, I intend to bring that same energy to the New Hampshire state house. State government has more than enough money, and it needs to do what every household does – live within its budget.

Outside of politics

I live on a small farm in Weare with my wife.

When I’m not fighting against tax increases and corrupt town officials, I’m usually welding broken tractor implements, machining replacement parts, improving my pastures, or dropping trees and stacking firewood.